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IBM i, iSeries and AS400 applications, featuring i2xl spool file to worksheet conversion / distribution in .csv format. Use in MS Excel, MS Access and Mac/Linux/Unix equivalents.

Since our Incorporation in 1987, we have provided software related services to a broad range of clients focussing on the IBM midrange family of computer systems.

Our services have included bespoke applications development, third party software package integration, system and software application migrations and data extractions for web services.
To support and effectively facilitate many of our client requirements we have developed several useful utility applications which we have since packaged to turn them into fully functional stand alone utilities. These utilities constitute our downloadable software offerings, they provide tangible solutions at prices that ensure short term cost recovery.

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i2xl is an iSeries (AS/400) application that is used to convert spool file report information into a worksheet format. The worksheet format can be imported into PC applications such as MS Excel, MS Access and corresponding applications on Mac and Unix/Linux platforms.

100% IBM iSeries Solution

• Specification of the worksheet definition and the execution process are performed 100% on the iSeries computer.
• A user friendly windows like interface allowing report spool file data to be highlighted and dropped into a *WYSIWYG worksheet layout.
• Retention/display of extract activity logs including destination addresses and ftp transmission dialogs.

Multiple Worksheet Layouts

• Multiple worksheet layouts can be defined from a single report spool file.
• Where multiple worksheet layouts are defined, all corresponding extracts are produced during a single extract process.
• A spool file monitor automatically launches all associated extracts immediately as soon as a spool file is created. • Extract definitions continually monitor for unrecognized spool file record formats, and where found they are automatically incorporated into the definition.

Extracts are Immediate

• Extracts are sent from the iSeries system to the destination system by ftp and/or email.
• Extracts can only be sent to approved destinations.
• ftp addresses, passwords and directory paths are encrypted.

* WYSIWYG allows the user to view something very similar to the end result while the worksheet is being developed.

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The i2xl application provides a means of extracting information from IBM iSeries report spool files and reformatting the information into a PC compatible format.

The output from this application can be imported into PC applications such as MS Excel and MS Access, and the equivalent applications on Apple iMac computers.

This application is installed on the iSeries computer system and runs exclusively on the iSeries computer. It is designed to be used by non-IT-Systems personnel.

There are comparable products on the market, however, they tend to have either a non-intuitive interface requiring the expertise of IT personnel, or are PC based and feature a scope of functionality and hence complexity that requires a significant investment in education.

Because i2xl is so easy to use, it can be used for a one-off extract just as easily as it can be used for repetitive extracts which are generated whenever a recognized spool file is created in a monitored output queue.

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